Clash of Clans: Guide to Beginners

Clash of Clans is a popular game where players set up its base with the use of elixirs and gold. The concept entails building and defending your village as well as attacking other villages.

Most of the smart players set their base with elixir and gold generated by an online tool. Talking about that, it is a new Clash of Clans hack that will literally change your gameplay. You will not only be stronger but you will feel better!

Valuable tips

Reserve your gems

You start the game with 500 gems. The tutorial instructs you to build structures, which uses up about 50 gems. However, setting aside your gems instead of spending is the best way of gaining extra builders quickly. The following are the costs of each builder:clash of clans gems

  • Builder 2 is worth 250 gems
  • Builder 3 costs 500 gems
  • Builder 4 is valued at 1000 gems
  • Builder 5 can be availed at 2000 gems

Saving your gems lets you access the builder 3 at a faster rate. Adding builders will help you establish more structures within your village. You can unlock Builder 4 by obtaining trophy and new Clan War achievement. Builder 5 needs a great trophy and longer duration to unlock further achievements.

Choose inexpensive troops for battle

Using costly troops for battle are one of the major errors usually committed by a new player. Giants in the battle is a significant defensive unit, but will cost more gems than using Barbarians. In advance levels where dragons are available, you can opt for the Giants to save gems. Aside from the cost, you should also consider the time required to create a certain unit. While Wizards are valuable in the battle arena, the cost and the time to produce this character is greater compared to the Archers.

Limit the use of spell

Similar to troops, spell demands higher cost and length of time. Ensuring that your war requires the use of spells is essential in saving your resources. The cost of a spell starts at 15,000 elixir and varies with the type of spell you will use.

Update the level of your Town Hall gradually

Raiding Town Halls within your level will let you maximize your gain. It is important, but often a neglected rule in the Clash of Clans game. You will not find this even in the tutorial section.
The loot penalty feature of this game downgrades the percentage of the amount you can get from the raid in a Town Hall. If your Town Hall is one level superior to your opponent, you can only get 90% of the available amount. The following are the different levels and its corresponding percentage:

  • Two levels higher than the enemy Town Hall: 50%
  • Three levels higher than the enemy Town Hall: 25%
  • Four levels and above than the enemy Town Hall: 5%

Level 4 Town Hall is the recommended level where you can take advantage of your defensive features before advancing to the next level.

Upgrade your walls

Wooden walls are your initial defense. However, it cannot secure your base against powerful troops. Hence, you should try to upgrade your walls as fast as you can. It is one of your resources, which will fortify your base. Make sure you purchase the type of walls within your level to strengthen your defense against raiding clans.

Protect your shield

Safeguarding your village from an attack is the primary function of the shield. To launch an attack against other villages while your shield is still active results in breaking it. Hence, you need to ensure that you will only carry out an offensive plan when your shield is down.

If you play Clash of Clans and you want to be a winner, you must understand what is happening with your army and town. What each building do, why they are so important, which one of them has priority and why and so on, and you'll also learn about the Clash of Clans hack.

If you are a really gamer, you will start the game by knowing each part of it. It can be hard, but if you want to really play this game you will do it because if you wait to know them all during the game, first you will lose battles and you do not want that.

Army Camp

Let’s talk about Army Camp. You have it available from the beginning of the game. Even if Town Hall is the heart of your town, Army Camp is the largest building you have in the town, so you need a lot of space to place it. Do it strategic! Put it near Town Hall, in the middle of the town, protected by Archer Defense, Bombs, Cannons and Walls.


Here is where your Troops are made. The most important thing at Army Camp is that it makes Troops even if it is upgrading.  In this way you can keep your army at full capacity. Also, here is the place where you can update your Troops, meaning that you can train them to become stronger.

Tour Troops can be Barbarians, Archers or Goblins. But, more advanced they are, more they need a bigger space. So, you will have fewer characters, but a stronger army. To have more and more armies, you need to upgrade your Army Camp, but do not forget you update your Town Hall first, if at any time of the game you feel like the progress is very slow, you can always make use of the Clash of Clans cheats to generated some gems and speed the process up.

The Army

During your game, you can make only 4 Army Camps. That means 240 Troops.

You can not to protect your Army Camp with Walls because they need a lot of space and your Army Camp is already protected by its Troops.

Another Clash of Clans Army building you can have is the one named: “Barracks”. It can be used by you to train your Troops. It has available 12 levels of update and they are trained better more and more you update it.

You can train them by using Elixir. After you train them, you will find them in Army Camps.

Think a lot when you start train them, because if you will need the army trained, you can’t do it if you are updating in this time the Barracks!

The resources

What is the Elixir you need to train your Troops?

It is a resource you can get if you have an Elixir Collector that storage your Elixir in an Elixir Storage. The easiest way of acquiring resources is by buying them with gems, but as gems are expensive, the best solution is using some like a Clash of Clans hack.

clash of clans base

It is a resource building that have available 12 levels of updating.

Now, let’s learn a few things about Elixir Collectors. It will be better for you if you collect your elixir all the time, even if you do not have available a full one because if an enemy comes to you, he will get 50% from your elixir and you will do not want that for sure!

Well, this is all our advices for you, but only for this moment!

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The key point is to win many trophies in a battle. Players are rewarded a lot of trophies if they win against an opponent that has a bigger amount of trophies that them, but they can also lose more if they lose against an enemy that has a smaller amount. Strange as it may seem, it is fair. By winning against powerful players you prove both to others and to yourself that you are really good. Yet, by losing against a gamer that is years behind you, you become aware of the fact that you have to practice more. This thing only applies if you either spent big sums of money on the game, or you have used the Clash Royale cheat, otherwise, your opponent can possibly be way ahead of you in terms of card levels.

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Angry Birds 2 is the rocking puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment. It is the twelfth game in the Angry Bird series. It is a free-to-play. There are optional purchases as well which can be used to make quick advancements in the game. You will go through multi-stage game levels. The game can be played on iOS as well as Android phones in an effortless manner. In order to launch birds, slingshot will be used by players. The game will be similar to the first version of the game. However, there will be more powerful features so that you will be able to make the most of your time.

You can choose birds of your choice from the deck. Thus, you will be able to implement your own unique strategies in an effortless manner. The player has to deal with green-colored pigs. They are available in various sizes and they have various kinds of abilities to defend themselves. However, they can be defeated by hitting them with birds and other objects available in the game. As you tap on the card, you will be able to select individual birds. The contents that you obtain can be placed on the slingshot before launching.


As you play the game, you will want to destroy various objects and pigs. If you gain feathers of respective birds, birds will be leveled up. The destruct-o-meter will be filled up in the morning and if it is full, you will get a random card. You will be able to display three cards at any time. The rest of the cards will be present in the deck. If you use all cards, you will lose a life. One pig will remain undefeated and you will not want to make use of the gems. If you lose all five lives, you should use gems. You should watch an advertisement or wait until the lives are filled automatically.

There will be separate structures and you will want to go through multiple waves of pigs. In order to defeat boss, there should be complete depletion of the boss’s health bar. In order to backup scores, you can connect the game to the Facebook. The game can be played in the arena without any issues. If you would like to manage only-gems, they can be collected by completing daily gems. You can earn gems, lives and avatars by using in-app purchases.

Arena will be unlocked after reaching the level 25. The players will be divided randomly and feathers will be added as per the score of the player. The player will make progress to different levels with the rewarded feathers. There will be gems as rewards with the new Mount Everest update. You will play six day long tournament and there will be great excitement. You can play multiple events on a single day. If players finish in top three in arena, they will get medals. There are specially designed levels which gives access to premium treasure box.